Digital Communications Wrap Up

This final set of slides reviews key technologies in the conferencing and collaboration (C&C) space.  There are also exercises/workshops relating to the integration of C&C into organisation processes and culture.



Digital Business: Communication and Collaboration Wrap-up

Enterprise Conferencing and Collaboration

This set of slides presents a number of technologies and issues relating to the integration and application of conferencing and collaboration (C&C) across large enterprise organisations.   Digital Business: Conferencing and Collaboration Overview

Web Conferencing Technology

Explore all the features and global connectvity that Web conferencing can bring to any scale of business.  Learn about key functions available across Web conferencing platforms.  Identify new business processes and services you can deliver using Web conferencing.


Digital Business: Web Conferencing

Virtual Services

Ever considered expanding your business virtually.  Learn about Cloud Computing and Business Virtualisation.  Expand your business reach across Ireland,  UK,  into Europe and Globally.Digital Business: Virtual Services

Video Conferencing Technology

Ever wondered what makes up video conferencing platforms and services.  What is tele-presence and tele-immersion?  Learn how new Hi-Def Video Conferencing services are now integrated with a number of Web conferencing platforms.



Digital Business: Video Conferencing