Simplicity is the key successful online tansactions

Have you ever stopped to think where your eCommerce site falls down? Do you know where you’re losing most of your customers? Do you wish your website would deliver more leads?

The key to successful online transactions is simple — or more specifically, simplicity. Removing unnecessary complexity is the single biggest thing you can do to improve the conversion rate of your site — and improving conversion is the most effective way to boost the performance of your online business.

Google has put together a great little video illustrating where a lot of eCommerce sites get it oh so wrong.

Would you buy a loaf of bread under these conditions?

The example focusses on eCommerce, but the lesson of keeping things simple, of eliminating complexity and allowing users to accomplish their goals as easily and quickly as possible, apply to all online businesses.

Is there something you could do to make your site easier to use, to streamline the transaction process?