Building a website

Building a website is one of the most important components of your digital business. Your website will become the hub of your digital world. It is the place where the actual digital business — the interaction that will dictate your online business success will happen.

Your website is the most valuable piece of online real estate you own. Get it right, and it could be the most valuable piece of real estate you own: period!


  1. Alfie Keary says:

    Been reading an article by Michael O’Brien, Head of Marketing at Celtrino, a client of Enterprise Ireland. The article “7 Ways to Improve your Internet Marketing Strategy discusses, content strategy and researching what you want to tell the customer. O’Brien says “Web content is critical to search results” and “content directs customers to next steps” on your site.

    See below an extract from the article relating to where you may get a site visitor coming directly to a non-home page on your site from a Google search.

    “It was imperative to us that someone coming to the site through a Google search for, say, ‘accounts payable solutions’ would have a clear call to action on the page they land on. This call to action could be a number of things, such as ‘email us’, ‘call us’, or ‘download a whitepaper’. Essentially, the key for us is understanding what the visitor is trying to achieve and giving them every opportunity to do so.” Michael O’Brien

    I got this article from Enterprise Ireland in an email with no direct link. If you really want this I will forward the email.


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